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Monday, March 14, 2011

Meeting My First Clients!!

Last night, we arrived in New Orleans, and soon after we checked in, we did what many people love to do when they come to New Orleans: eat!

We were able to enjoy authentic New Orleans cuisine as soon as we got here, at a delicious restaurant by the name of Mothers, and the succulent shrimp, spicy red beans and rice, and smooth debris set a wonderful tone for the rest of the trip.

This morning, we met in the lobby to walk over to the Pro Bono Project, where we will be volunteering this week. We met the president, Rachel, and the chief legal officer, Linton, and learned more about the Pro Bono Project, the Louisiana State Bar, and the legal climate in Louisiana.

After dividing the projects, Linton put us to work. I was doing family law, more specifically, divorces. We began by finalizing necessary paperwork for each client, and calling as many as we could to schedule appointments for them to come to the office and meet with us so that we could go over the paperwork with them, and have it signed and notarized.

I am very excited about our meeting them in a few days. With each file came a wealth of information about the client, including how long they had been married, any children, and the situation under which they are now seeking divorce. I want to be able to see them as more than names in a file, and meet them face-to-face. The best part for me, I think, will be the client interaction, and I’m greatly looking forward to that later this week.

Jaha Avery


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