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Monday, December 19, 2005


So from Andrew to Ivan to Frances to Charlie when we thought Katrina was going to hit home we thought it was going to be just another storm - in Florida you just kind of get used to them - then when Katrina hit New Orleans I realized that just b/c of it's location - of how the town was situated -things would be different. And what I realized after that was that - unlike most other places - how much money you made determined how far above sea level you and if you would have a house to come home to.

Last time I was in NO was for New Year's last year - and the whole aura here is different, but the residents seem to really have their heart behind the reconstruction of this city [both literally & metaphorically].

We haven't seen any of the destruction yet so it hasn't hit me by any means - I think we'll all leave here feeling extrememly blessed [I'll take pictures]


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