For the Good of the Gulf: UNC Law Winter/Spring Break Pro Bono Project

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm not from New Orleans. In fact, I grew up in a landlocked midwestern state. Yet, my family is from eastern North Carolina and, like many residents of the Gulf Coast, they are no strangers to the fear and the devastation of hurricanes. I grew up hearing stories of Hazel and have since had a chance to drive through the debris of Floyd. It was one of the most shocking scenes I've ever witnessed firsthand - streets caved in, beaches gone, houses demolished. Yet, the residents were still there, determined not to let Mother Nature destroy their dreams and ruin their lives. I think that's what draws me to New Orleans - a chance to help people who have suffered loss and have that indomitable human spirit to recover, rebuild, and persevere. I hope that our short time in the Gulf will make a difference in their lives and that this record will, in some small way, remind us that, despite it all, the victims of Katrina struggle on.


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