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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Proud To Call It Home

Saturday August 27th 2005 8:00am: I wake up to learn Katrina didn't make the turn north to the Florida panhandle. One second later, I realize my life will never be the same again. I spend that morning frantically searching for a hotel room for my grandparents to evacuate to and praying that they will indeed leave.

Monday August 29th: I atttend the first day of class numb thinking of only the life I had left behind.

Tuesday August 30th, 7:00am: I wake to learn the levees have broken, the city is flooding, and the worst fear of everyone who has lived in New Orleans is coming true.

The following days and weeks are a blur now. I know there were many hours spent trying to get through to my family's cell phones, watching the news, and wondering when I would be able to get back home.

For those of us who call to New Orleans home, life can now be characterized as pre and post Katrina. I have struggled to find my role in the post Katrina New Orleans. The New Orleans I left in the Fall of 2000 for undergraduate at Florida and now law school at UNC has changed. Familiar places are gone forever and friends and family have moved away. The permanence of it all has either not been determined or settled in yet.

What I am confident about is that the Spirit of Louisiana and City of New Orleans remains alive within its residents. We will rebuild and we will return to the place that is burned into our heart and soul. I always knew New Orleans was the best city in the world, and when my friends from UNC return to their lives in North Carolina, I feel they too will be proud to say if only for a few days New Orleans was home.


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