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Monday, December 19, 2005

back home

I am so tired... we (me and the roommate and 2 other classmmates) decided to drive all night instead. wild and crazy kids. i took the last shift - sort of. i had the momentum to drive us through kentwood, la, home of britney spears, but by 630, i had to give up the wheel to another person to do the last hour...
Well I grew up in Baton Rouge, so New Orleans is definitely a large part of my memories and family culture. I was here last about 2 weeks before Katrina and after hearing the stories from home, I wasn't sure what to expect. Wasn't sure I wanted to come see this at all. Seeing New Orleans for the first time - it looked better than I expected. At least so far... Feel optimistic that it can recover fully, in a physical and economic sense. Culturally, I suppose it can't help but change. You can't replace all those people the same way. The Superdome did make me uneasy and there are still buildings with broken windows all the way up. But the spirit seems to be here...


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